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ABOUT EpicGolfing .com Team

We are a Melbourne-based team of Lifestyle Bloggers and Digital marketers that has a lifelong passion for Golf, Outdoor Life and Pets. With over 5 years experience of successful Blogging and Digital Marketing, and a natural flair for presentation, our team can help create the ‘wow’ factor in your life that will leave a lasting impression on buyers.

Digitallydiv Agency the Elite Digital marketing Agency was Founded in 2016 by  Div A and Manny A., We have grown to be a leader in Digital Marketing Agency and Now we are starting as Petpawshub.com Bloggers. Epicgolfing.com was founded In Jan  2021. 

About Us


Starting to play Golf few Years ago and  loved every moment. I have been enjoying playing and watching golf for few years  now–


I have been lucky enough to play off single figures for all of my adult life and enjoy golfing on some of the best golf courses in Australia.


More importantly however over the years my biggest fortune has been to make lifelong friends across the world simply by virtue of playing golf.


While having a young family means I now don’t always get to play as much as I would like I remain fascinated by this great game, and particularly by the mental and physical aspects that set apart different standards of players.


epicgolfing.com was created simply as a place to allow me to try and find answers to common golfing questions asked, and problems faced, by all standards of golfer. And also as an excuse to convince my family that they should be joining me on the fairways as much as possible!


Whether you are a beginner just taking up the game or have been playing for a while there’s something here for you.


This site is simply where I share everything I have experienced and learned through enjoying and researching this great game with friends, family and competitors.

I hope you enjoy it!

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About Epic Golfing Authors

epicgolfing.com was created simply as a place to allow us to try and find answers to common golfing questions asked, and problems faced, by all standards of golfer.


We’ve enjoyed playing this great game with friends, family and competitors from all over the world for many years. This is the site where we share everything we’ve learned.

Div Acharya

Golf Lover,Blogger and Web Strategist Living in Melbourne , Australia

Manny Acvharya

Manny comes with a passion for Blogging all things Golf, Luxury Cars, Drones, Digital Drawing, Outdoor Fun and Photography

ASH Vohra

Blogger at EpicGolfing.com