The best Golf Clubs for Beginners

10 Best Golf Clubs for beginners in 2022 -2023

An assortment of woods, irons, wedges, a putter, and a golf bag are included in pre-packaged golf sets. They have grown in popularity due to the increasing number of newcomers to the sport.

Pre-packaged golf sets are the most cost-effective and optimal approach for novices to begin playing golf. Many of these sets include all the essential golf clubs need for the driving range and the course.

Prior to purchasing your first golf set, there are, however, a few characteristics you should consider. 

Regardless, you should select a first set of clubs with as much forgiveness as feasible. 

Features that enable forgiveness are unique to each club type, therefore we’re going to break down these differences and recommend our top five golf club sets for beginners.

If you’ve come to the conclusion that purchasing a set of golf clubs for beginners is the next logical step for you, here are a few helpful pointers to get you started. We will go into more depth about these topics in the following sections.

  • Avoid purchasing the most expensive golf set possible.
  • Take the time to read golf set evaluations; they are a valuable source of knowledge. It’s likely to be more cost-effective to purchase an economical set rather than individual clubs.
  • You should experiment with hybrid clubs because they are simpler to operate than long irons.
  • Think about getting started by purchasing a used set.
  • Make a plan for your finances, and stick to it.
  • Be truthful about the golfing accomplishments you seek.

Put those hints to the side for the time being since we are going to discuss the reasons why we propose a set that is designed for novices. With that out of the way, let’s get down to work.

The Best Golfclub sets for Beginners

What You Should Search for in a High-Quality Club Set When You're Just Starting Out as a Golf Player

Budget for your new Golf club set

There is a wide range of prices for golf clubs; thus, if you do not have a budget, it is easy to get lost in the maze of available choices even if you do not intend to buy any of them. 

A complete set of golf clubs suitable for beginners can be purchased for less than $400-$500 

These options can cost more than a thousand dollars for configurations that provide a comprehensive offering.

The entry-level alternatives often come with nine or ten clubs, and they can leave you with gapping concerns if you play higher handicaps. 

A high-quality golf club set will include long game, mid game, and short game clubs in an appropriate proportion to one another.

The inclusion of a bag is a benefit shared by both available choices. In most cases, it is a conventional shoulder bag. 

Despite this, you will still save more than 100 dollars compared to the cost of buying one separately.


The effect that loft has on gapping was already briefly discussed earlier. The loft, on the other hand, has an effect on both the launch and carry distance. That is something that will serve you well in the long game.

Golfers with slower swings, whether beginners or intermediates, have a difficult time consistently launching stronger lofted clubs. The decreased loft produces less spin, which is essential for getting the ball into the air when playing golf. Those who swing more slowly have a harder time generating this spin, which results in low-flying shots and a loss of distance.

Stick with drivers, fairway woods, and long irons with lower lofts if you’re just starting out, even if you’re an intermediate player. As an illustration, a 10.5-degree driver is the most powerful option that you should think about. If it is still difficult to launch, you should go with a 12-degree angle.

For recreational golfers, I do not recommend using a 3-wood with a loft angle higher than 15 degrees, while a 5-wood with a loft angle of 18 or 19 degrees should do the task. Although I favour long irons, I recommend that golfers who play only seldom switch to hybrid clubs because of their easier launch.

Composition of the Set  ( Balanced)

Putting together a set requires a lot of thought and planning. Because your golf bag can only hold 14 clubs, you’ll need to be strategic in how you choose to play the game. If you pick too many long clubs, you won’t have much room for wedges in your bag.

My advice is to configure your set so that it can hold the largest number of wedges possible. This will improve your record in the short games, which are the ones that count the most.


Your swing speed should also guide your choice of shaft, just as it does with loft. Players who generate less velocity necessitate a shaft that is both lighter and more flexible. On the other hand, players with rapid swings require less flex and a heavier setup.

Together with Golf Magazine, True Spec Golf created a table that details which shafts are most suited for particular players. 

According to their findings, golfers who have a driver swing speed between 86 and 96 miles per hour should utilise a shaft with a normal flex. In this scenario, swing speeds of a moderate nature are optimal.

Next, True Spec Golf recommends that you try a senior flex shaft if the speed of your swing falls in between 72 and 83 miles per hour. A ladies’ flex shaft is designed for swing speeds that are typically lower than 72 miles per hour.

You will have difficulty optimising ball speed and spin, which will result in a low launch, especially if your shaft is too stiff for your swing. It’s also possible that a stiff shaft will force you to leave the face open at contact, which will result in sliced shots.

On the other side, if the shaft has too much flex, it will cause you to generate uncontrollable spin, which will result in a shot that is overinflated.

Find out how much it would cost to re-shaft your irons if you are happy with the rest of your golf equipment but feel that you could benefit from new shafts.


For those of you who are just starting out or are intermediate golfers, you need as much forgiveness as you can get.

Choose a driver or fairway wood that has a high moment of inertia and a large sweet spot when you are shopping for one of these clubs (MOI). MOI makes it easier to keep the ball moving across the face and produces more shots that are straight.


Your driver, fairway wood, hybrid, as well as your long and mid-irons are all considered part of your distance. 

You need to induce an acceleration in ball speed at the point of impact if you want to get the most out of your shot. 

It is possible to slow down your swing by striking the ball low off the face with the heel or toe of your club. This wastes the valuable yards you have.

Clubs that are more forgiving will help you increase the ball’s speed across the face, which will result in more consistent distance. Even on mishits, you are guaranteed a sufficient amount of yardage and accuracy. 

Because maintaining consistency is the only way to reduce your handicap, these are the clubs that the average golfer should have in their bag.

Gapping Distance

Gapping is something you need to think about in addition to dividing your set up amongst long, mid, and short clubs. 

It concentrates on the distance gaps in your bag, which are most frequent among your fairway woods, hybrids, long irons, and wedges. 

As the name suggests, this is the primary area of concentration for this strategy.

As an example, the most difficult aspect of the game for me when I was an intermediate player was dealing with my wedges. I brought along a pitching wedge, a sand wedge, and a lob wedge.

However, because I was concentrating so hard on improving my long game, I completely ignored my short game. My local course included a number of short par 4s, and I frequently found myself approximately 70 yards out on these holes when I was playing poorly.

Because of this, I had two options: I could either hit a half pitching wedge (PW) or I could force a sand wedge (SW). The outcome of this was uneven distance management and a number of strokes that were wasted.

The transition from your fairway woods to your hybrids or irons is another area that should be of concern to you. There is a possibility of distance gaps if the longest club in your bag is a five-iron and the longest club you carry is a five-wood.

Take, for Instance, the fact that you can hit a 5-wood 185 yards and a 5-iron 160 yards. 

That means that any shot taken from 170 yards away must be played with either an easy 5-wood or a forced 5-iron. Because of this, your distance control will be incorrect, and you will have a greater chance of catching the ball too fat or too thin.

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