Golf Equipment Buying Guide: Everything You Need To Know To Purchase

Golf Equipment List & Buying Guide : Everything You Need To Know To Purchase

When you first start out, golf can be a difficult game to play. Although the little white ball appears to be doing nothing more than resting on a tee, it is surprisingly difficult to hit it solidly and for it to travel in the desired direction. 

In addition to that, you will need to educate yourself on how to chip, how to putt, how to hit a bunker shot, as well as the jargon and the regulations that govern the game.

Oh, you’re quite right; and what about your golfing gear?

Just entering into a golf store for the first time can be overwhelming if you’re just starting out. What is the minimum number of clubs that must be purchased? 

Do you prefer a mallet or a blade putter? In order to transport your clubs, you will require a bag.

You are going to require golf balls, and possibly quite a number of them, because beginning golfers frequently misplace some of their balls. 

How does one sport require such a diverse assortment of gear, such as a glove, specialised shoes, t-shirts, a rain suit, a rangefinder, a specialised umbrella, a pushcart, and so on?

We are standing by to lend a hand. Don’t let the extensive selection of golf equipment make you feel overwhelmed. 

In the following paragraphs, we will take you through the many classifications of golf equipment and provide you some “buying suggestions” for each sub-section. 

To ensure that you are able to enjoy the game of golf without having to take out a second mortgage on your home, we may even offer some suggestions as to where you may get discounted golf equipment.

Have no worry; this article will provide you with all of the information that you require in order to successfully purchase golf equipment.


Before purchasing your clubs, the step is to find a way to transport them to the driving range or the course where you plan to play. Shouldn’t be too hard, right?  Lets get a Golf bag.

Here is the list if available bags

  1. Tour bags
  2. Cart bags
  3. Waterproof bags
  4. Travel bags
  5. Stand bags
  6. Pencil bags

You can choose from a wide variety of golf bags, each of which serves a somewhat different purpose.

To begin, you have the option of purchasing a  Tour Bag

A tour bag is a large and hefty bag that can carry a significant amount of golf equipment despite its size and weight. This bag is designed for the golfer who will never play the game without a caddie or who always rides in a cart. 

Out of all the different varieties of golf bags, tour bags (also known as staff bags) are the largest bag that can be purchased, which is why they are regarded as being among the best and most luxurious of all golf bags.

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 As the Golf bag has plenty of additional space for all of your belongings in addition to your golf clubs, such as extra clothing, waterproofs, gloves, and golf balls, it is no wonder that they are popular with professionals when they are on Tour; indeed, the name comes from the fact that they are popular with professionals.

Waterproof bags

Golfers are well aware of the unpredictability of the weather across the globe, which is why water-resistant bags are essential equipment for the sport. 

As a consequence of this, a number of different golf bag manufacturers are continuously working to advance bag technology in order to produce the most water-resistant bags possible for golfing in the rain. 

As the golfing industry continues to thrive, you should give some thought to expanding your equipment to include a golf bag that is watertight. This will come in handy on days when the weather is questionable but you still want to play golf.

Cart Bags:

Cart bags, also known as trolley bags, are designed to be carried on a golf buggy or trolley, regardless of whether it is a push/pull cart or an electric cart. These bags go by both names.

Cart bags are easily identifiable due to the rubber or non-slip foundation that is included on the bottom of the bag. 

This base prevents the bag from sliding off the cart as it is being moved. 

Therefore, if you prefer to walk about the course while carrying your golf bag, this option may not be the greatest for you; it is possible that stand bags might be a better choice for you instead.

Pencil Bags:

Another variety of carry bag that has seen a surge in popularity over the past few years is the pencil bag. 

These stand bags are incredibly lightweight and thinner versions of a stand bag, but they still offer a top with a diameter of up to 6 inches and have the capacity to effortlessly accommodate up to 14 clubs.

Stand bags

Stand golf bags are a little different from the other types of golf bags that are now available on the market. 

Not only are stand bags substantially lighter (five pounds or less), but they also contain two retractable legs that allow the bag to stand upright and keep it clean. 

This ingenious solution provides for quick access to any club in your bag while you are playing a round, and it also ensures that the bag remains upright on a wide variety of golf course terrains. 

Whereas, in contrast, trolley or tour bags are solely intended for usage on level ground, such as a golf buggy, a trolley, or the back of a caddie.

Travel Bags

If you are an avid golfer, it is likely that you go on golfing vacations or take your clubs away with you. 

Because of this, it is essential that you package your golf equipment carefully so that it remains intact from the time it is checked at the airport until it is retrieved with your other luggage.

Golf travel bags and covers are used in conjunction with your golf bag to assist in providing additional layers of protection for your most valued things while they are in transit. 

The top of the bag is typically padded to protect the clubs while they are being transported, the handles may be padded or reinforced to make carrying the bag easier, and there is typically at least one extra external pocket for additional storage.

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Travel Golf bags:

The function of the travel bag should be considered first when choosing between a hard and a soft case for the bag; this will help you make the right decision. 

The hard bag is incredibly inflexible, which means that it does not fit readily into the rear of many cars. 

On the other hand, these bags are ideal for the less-than-gentle luggage handlers that airlines use. 

When compared to a hard case, a soft case is more convenient for storing items and will be easier to transport in a rental vehicle. 

It is beneficial to have a travel bag that is equipped with wheels because this will make it much simpler to move it about an airport or hotel.

Your clubs are the appropriate place to begin any discussion regarding golf equipment. 

You can easily spend more than $2,000 on a new set of clubs, but this is a strategy that we would not advocate for novice golfers or people who are just getting started with the game. 

A couple of things to bear in mind: first, you don’t need to buy all 14 clubs at once; you can build your set-up gradually over time (14 clubs is the legal max). 

Second, there is absolutely no reason to be embarrassed about borrowing golf equipment from relatives or friends or even Buying a pre-owned Clubs set.

You can Buy Pre-Owned Golf clubs or Club sets from GUMTree(Australia),ebay( Global),, Mike’s Gol shop and

If you are keen on a new set, read the below blog to pick the right one for your need…

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Golf clubs

Bigger is better when It comes to Golf Clubs
Even the finest golfers in the world have occasionally used drivers with shafts measuring 43.5 inches or even 44 inches in length. 

Choose a shorter shaft instead, as this will not result in any loss of distance while simultaneously enhancing your accuracy.

On the other hand, it is said that bigger is better, and you might have seen super-size drivers (about the size of a grapefruit) for a vehicle that needed a huge deal of moment of inertia. 

On the other hand, a standard titanium diver available off the shelf can have a 45-inch shaft. 

A spring-like action is created by the more significant driver, which is primarily built from titanium. 

This effect is responsible for transferring velocity from the club head to the ball, allowing for a greater range. It looks promising!


Your golf kit won’t be complete without a putter, the piece of equipment you’ll need to buy. 

The club’s putter The most personalised golf club in a golfer’s bag. It boils down to personal preference and selecting the one that feels most comfortable and looks the best. 

There are a variety of putter forms, weights, alignments, and other characteristics on the market today, and the golfer must make a subjective choice. 

There is a good chance that you are familiar with a putter, even if you are not an enthusiastic golfer; after all, everyone has played mini-golf, right? 

There is a wide variety of putters available in a variety of shapes and sizes, but in the end, you just need to find one that feels comfortable in your hands and enables you to roll the ball into the hole.

Putter Buying Tips

Advice on Buying a Putter : 

The putter is the most personalised piece of golf equipment you will ever own; choose the model that appeals to your sense of aesthetics and instils confidence in your game.

A suggestion for saving money on golf equipment is to putters you’re interested in buying into play first. 

Borrowing a putter from a friend or member of the family is an even better option. If you know somebody who plays golf frequently, you can bet that they have a couple of putters stashed away in their garage.

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The Putter:

Improving your putting begins with appropriate alignment. It is essential to choose a putter that can be comfortably and easily aligned with the goal. Incorrect alignment results in misses to the left or right of the hole, which increases your score. 

Alignment entails more than just properly aiming at the goal. Incorrect alignment might also result in missing the putter’s sweet spot.

Fairway Woods

The simplest way to define a fairway wood is that it is a compact driver built for long approach shots to the green when struck from the fairway. 

The most common fairway wood is a 3-wood, which normally has a loft of 15 to 17 degrees. Additionally, you will encounter 4-woods, 5-woods, and 7-woods when investigating golf equipment.

Equipment for golf: fairway wood

As you begin to assemble your set, we recommend purchasing only one fairway wood, either a 3-wood or a 4-wood. 

As you play more golf, you may realise you need a second fairway wood, but there is no immediate need to purchase one.

Some golfers purchase a fairway wood that matches the brand and model of their driver, although this is not needed.

Similar to the driver, look for models that were released a few years ago to save money on golf equipment.


A fairway wood is a type of wood that resembles a driver but has some significant differences:

Fairway woods have smaller clubheads (140-180cc) than drivers (usually 440cc or more).

Since the face of fairway woods is shallower than that of a driver, the club’s centre of gravity remains lower, allowing you to launch the ball from the rough or fairway.
The soles of some fairway woods are shaped in a way that facilitates striking the club from divots or thicker rough. Obviously, a modern motorist doesn’t have this trait.


On par 4s and par 5s, the driver (a.k.a. 1-wood, big dog, etc.) is the club used to tee off. It is the longest club in your bag, both in terms of length and distance. 

Typically, you tee your driver high and swing vigorously! This piece of golf equipment has a huge head and might cost $500 or more if you choose for a brand-new version.

Frequently neglected by players is the driver shaft. This is a crucial factor in determining how well a club will function for you. 

When purchasing a driver, the following shaft options are available: stiff, regular, senior, and females. 

The correct shaft depends on the swing’s intensity. 

If you purchase this piece of golf equipment from a store, the salesperson will likely have access to a simulator and can assist you in making the best option.

Driver Buying Tips:

A driver is one of the first items of golf equipment you should acquire or purchase (borrow).
The shaft is an essential component of all golf clubs, so be mindful while selecting your purchase.

Choose a well-known golf equipment manufacturer when purchasing a driver (Callaway, TaylorMade, PING, etc.)There is no need to get the most recent driver model; if you purchase a model that was introduced a few years ago (new or old), you will save hundreds of dollars while still receiving high-end technology and performance.

A club intended to address your swing habits will always enhance your game, regardless of your skill level.

 An individual of any skill level can benefit from a bespoke club fitting. If you have the funds and the desire to play as much golf as possible, you should aim to purchase the best equipment you can afford.

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Golf Drivers are used to propel the ball down the fairway at great distances.

Formerly constructed mostly of wood or steel, modern drivers have titanium heads and graphite shafts for their strength and lightweight.

There are seven important factors to consider when purchasing a new driver: skill level, size and shape of the club head and clubface, colour, loft, shaft flexibility, and adjustability.

If you’re passionate about the game, regardless of your ability level, a clubfitting can help you select the ideal driver for your swing.

A knowledgeable golf instructor or golf shop employee will assist you in analysing your swing and selecting the driver that will reduce your inconsistencies and peculiarities.

Golf Balls

If you are just starting out in golf, the first rule you should follow when purchasing golf balls is to prioritise quantity over quality. 

You are going to purchase the balls, but it’s possible that you won’t keep them for very long. 

Your first few rounds of golf will most certainly take place in a variety of environments, including lakes, creeks, forests, and even the yards of complete strangers. 

To put it another way, avoid becoming overly connected.

Golf balls

Did you know that a dozen of high-end golf balls will set you back sixty dollars? If you hit a bad tee shot, you don’t want to have to fork over $5 every time.

The good news is that you have a wide variety of choices available to you that are significantly less expensive than this one. You have your pick from a wide variety of brands and colours (white, orange, yellow, pink, etc.).

Buying Advice for Golf Balls: 

If you’re just starting out, don’t worry too much about the performance of the golf ball; instead, focus on finding the brand, model, and price that works best for you.
Would you want some complimentary golf balls? 

Take a stroll in the evening around the local course where you play and look for balls that other people have dropped.


There are three primary types of golf balls, and they are categorised as follows: distance, spin control, and tour performance (also called premium).

Because some golfers want to make the game simpler for themselves, they try to hit the ball as far as they can; here is where distance comes into play.

Others are trying to get rid of their large hooks or slices, and spin control balls are the best option for them in this situation. Golfers who are looking for the full experience should play at tour level.

They achieve the necessary distance by using a ball that they are able to manipulate and spin in order to produce the shot that they require based on where they are located on the golf course.

The distinguishing features of each of these three categories are outlined in the following paragraphs.

GOLF Irons

When hitting approach shots or playing par 3s, you’ll primarily be using your irons. They are intended to be struck off the ground, and when you swing an iron, you should aim to make contact with the ground.

A standard iron set will typically consist of seven to nine clubs, ranging from a four-iron all the way to a pitching wedge.

Each club has a unique loft that enables it to travel a particular distance and is made specifically for that. If you are just starting out, it is recommended that you opt for a set that include “hybrids” for the longer irons.

One of the more recent developments in the world of golf is the hybrid club.

They are a blend of woods and irons, and the majority of inexperienced golfers believe that they are simpler to hit than a 4 or 5 iron.

When looking for a new iron set, you are going to come across a number of different kinds of irons. Each one is tailored to a specific level of expertise that the player possesses.

The Super Game-Improvement Irons are the type of clubs that novices should look into purchasing first. 

These irons have been constructed to have increased forgiveness, enhanced distance, and the ability to help propel the ball into the air. 

Irons designed to significantly improve a player’s game typically have a larger clubface, a broader sole, and face technology. 

The clubhead will have a cavity back or be hollow, which will generate perimeter weighting for a greater sweet spot than a solid clubhead would. 

Weight is distributed around the perimeter of the clubhead using a technique known as “perimeter weighting,” which helps increase forgiveness.

Game-Improvement Irons: These are a terrific option for golfers of a moderate skill level who are hoping to benefit from a design that is more forgiving. 

Game-improvement irons have a longer face length to help with off-center hits and a broader sole to help with turf forgiveness. Both of these features are designed to increase the club’s overall forgiveness. 

The size of the sweet spot can be increased with the use of a cavity back or hollow clubhead.

Players Irons: These irons, which are also known as blades, provide experienced and competent golfers with the control to play a broad variety of strokes with a better feel.

 Blades are another name for players irons. These irons have a more classic appearance, shorter blade lengths, less offset, narrower sole widths, and thinner top lines than other irons on the market. 

Players irons often include muscleback clubheads, which are less forgiving than traditional clubheads on off-center strokes. As a result, these irons are best suited for more experienced golfers.

Players Distance Irons: These irons combine some of the most desirable qualities found on players irons with game-improvement irons. Players Distance Irons The workability of a players iron set is combined with the distance-enhancing capabilities of game-improvement irons in this set of irons. 

Golfers with a handicap ranging from mid to low who are looking for additional distance, golfers who play competitively, or golfers who simply want the look of a players iron but the performance of a game-improvement iron are all good candidates for these clubs.

Iron club

Buying advice for irons: 

A new set of irons can be expensive because they are often offered together in a set; therefore, it is important to conduct some research and choose a set that is tailored to novice golfers.

A suggestion for saving money on golf equipment: given that you are only beginning to play the game, you most likely do not require an entire set of 8 irons.

Find a beginning package that covers the fundamentals (5-iron, 7-iron, 9-iron, Wedge). It costs half as much to get into half as many clubs.


Each and every hole in golf requires the use of golf irons.

They are capable of playing practically any shot, whether it be a close or mid-range approach to the green, or a long-range shot from the fairway.

They can also cover the entire course. Generally speaking, a set will include anything from six to eight irons, starting with the 3-iron and going all the way up to the 9-iron. It may also include a pitching wedge and a gap wedge.

As a result of the hybrid club’s potential for easier hitting, some sets will include it as a replacement for the 3-, 4-, or 5-iron.

Additional Golfing Equipment

Additional Golfing Accessories and Equipment
You already have your golf clubs, your bag, and a good supply of balls; aside from that, what other pieces of golf equipment or accessories do you need to get started?

For the sake of this section, we have compiled a list of golf accessories and labelled them as “Day 1,” “Recommended,” or “Optional.”

Equipment for the First Day of Golf
Obtain These Ahead Of Time Before You Head Out To Play.

Tees for golf will not break the bank, and some golf courses even provide them free of charge.
Once your ball has reached the green, you are required to mark it until it is your turn to putt. You can use a coin or your preferred poker chip for this purpose.
Golf Bag Rain Hood – you just can’t predict when it’s going to start raining, and you never know when it’s going to stop. 

Don’t risk having your clubs becoming unusable by letting them get damp. Invest in a rain hood for your golf bag that is specifically built to fit the golf bag that you use.
Golf Valuables Clip it on to your luggage and use it to carry your keys, wallet, cell phone, extra tees, and whatever else you need! Pouch
When your ball hits the green, it will leave a mark (called a divot), which you can patch with a tee if you don’t have a divot tool. 

However, it is courteous to the course to use a divot tool.
With a golf towel, you can wipe the muck and grime off your ball while keeping your hands dry.

Use sunscreen to prevent sunburn and avoid having your day at the course ruined by a painful sunburn.
Browse Through The Golf Collection Of Towels

Equipment Suggestions for the Game of Golf
Although it is possible to play without these accessories, there is no reason to do so.

On days when the weather is hot and humid, a golf glove will help you maintain a strong grip.
Golf Cap – Choose a cap from a golf brand or put on the cap of your favourite PGA pro.
The club brush is designed to provide you with a quick brushing of your clubs in between shots and to attach to your bag for simplicity of use.
You can play in any athletic shoes, but golf shoes have advantages that other sports shoes don’t. Golf shoes are made to be comfortable on the course and feature spikes that assist you maintain your balance.

Golf Umbrella If you play golf, you will be caught in the rain at some point. Golf umbrellas are meant to be lightweight while also keeping you and your golf equipment dry.

Optional Golf Equipment
As you get more experience as a golfer, you will most likely find that you want to supplement the equipment you already have with the following items.

If you want to walk the course but are concerned about the strain on your back, consider renting a push cart.
A rangefinder is a costly equipment that, despite its high cost, enables you to swiftly measure the distance to the target, which could be a pin or any other item.
Do you dislike it when you lose balls that you can see but can’t reach? 

The Ball Retriever can help. Ball retrievers are not for everyone.

Do you play no matter what the weather forecast says, or do you have rain gloves? 

Even if you and your clubs get wet during a round of golf, rain gloves will help you to maintain a firm hold on your clubs.
Hand warmers are not expensive to buy, and they will make the experience of playing golf on a chilly day significantly more pleasurable.

Buying All of Your Necessary Golf Equipment
Purchasing additional golfing gear to add to your collection is an enjoyable aspect of playing this popular sport.

You don’t have to make a single purchase to get everything you need, and there are strategies you can use to get golf equipment at a lower price.

Have fun with the process of figuring out which products will provide you the best results for your game.

You can keep playing golf for the rest of your life, so there’s no need to feel rushed about it.

Just take it slow for now. Find the gear that best complements your strategy for playing the game.

Take your time and savour the walks along the fairway. Play well and don’t miss any of your shots!